A room with a view…

I sit up in my bed every morning, stretch and listen to the noise from all the cars passing on the highway. My bedroom windows are small and high, my tiny 4′ 11′ tall self can’t even reach em even on my tip toes. 

I head downstairs and open the living room shades and stare at the trees and the lovely little birds that always perch on my fence everyday faithfully. I can’t help but smile because even though the noise of the constant traffic can be sometimes overwhelming, this moment is perfect. 

I walk towards the back of my house where the kitchen and dinning room are located and pull up the shade and crack open the window as I wait for my keriug to warm up for my morning coffee routine. This is when I stare again at the giant trees and listen to the sing songs of the birds because here, towards the back, you can barely notice that the house is located in front of a highway which is strange. Feels like a different world… Ever had that happen somewhere? If so then you would understand why. 

This is the spot, the place I like to come and walk to and stare out the window and enjoy nature and the suburbs. Where I go to admire and think about what I would do for the day, what should I make for dinner, etc. Sipping my coffee and just relaxing at this moment to gather my thoughts for the day. Do you have a particular spot where you sit or go to to gather your days thoughts? If not choose one, make it yours, place a chair and enjoy it because life and nature is ever too short to not sit and pause and collect yourself and thoughts. 

Life can get hectic, just like how it’s so different from the front of my house, loud, fast but yet beautiful because of the birds and the giant trees. Then within a few seconds it can be serene, calming, and so soothing. Don’t let life get complicated because when we do we forget that we can actually just stop and embrace life as it is. Taking the time to sit and think with no electronics is now taken for granted but I don’t, I doubt I ever will and will continue to enjoy these calm, quiet moments to myself every morning because I know how busy and crazy my life can get being a mom of four so my job is 24/7 with no vacation or sick days. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I got to share a different side of myself and a little fact that no one really knows I do. This is the first of the a-z blog prompts I am doing with Emily. Be sure to check out her blog as well and see what she is writing with the same titles as myself. 

Take care and stay blessed. 

X o x o,

        Vanessa (Fourxblessed) 



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