Character building experience

The day I got a dreaded phone call from my mom was the day that I knew I had to be stronger then ever. 2014 was a difficult year for me to the max but it taught me so much and made me stronger then I never thought I was. 
Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was just 6 months pregnant of Kay. Not only was my pregnancy difficult due to almost losing her and having lupus but now I had the possibility of losing my mom as well looming over me everyday and not knowing how that journey would end. 

Luckily, even though I stood many days away from my kids to take care of her, she fought hard and I’m glad that I was able to stick with her and help her as best I could by going to her appointments and cooking for her while she recovered from surgery, to spending hours with her in the hospital. I did things for her that only a daughter can do for a mother. 

I ignored my pains and really put mom first and seeing her so down and so sad and still trying gave me hope that she could even though she wanted to give up. And I’m glad she didn’t give up and that this year in 2015 she beat cancer, even though she still has minor bumps in her road, I see so much more strength in her then ever before because I know she has the will and I will make sure she continues on fighting and being a good mom and grandmother to me and my babies. 

No matter what life throws at you, someone always has it worse then you. Count your blessings and not your woes! 

Which blessing will you count? 

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