Embrace the ick

Today’s blog is the letter E. Everyone has that one thing or multiple stuff that makes them cringe with fear or feel totally sick yo their stomach. For me it’s human projectile aka vomit. I can’t stomach the smell! Every time my kids have the stomach virus I run to escape and even though it’s so wrong but every time I see it or smell it I end up getting sick and vomiting as well. 

The other thing that makes me go ick or super nervous are super tall amusement rides. I can manage some but not all if not I start panicking and hyperventilating. I’m really afraid of getting stuck or it falling apart in mid air and or getting ejected from the highest point of the ride and I know it’s silly to let my crazy fears get the best of me but yes I do fear this. 

I dislike spiders! I know they are needed in the animal kingdom but oh em geeeeee I’m scared of em oh and roaches aye! If you ever lived in Puerto Rico like I have you know you’ve had to  duck every time you saw em flying over head. They are huge like bigger then water bugs huge!

I also dislike very much going into deep water. I mean I love the beach and the lake, but can’t swim even if my life depended on it. When I was about 6 I almost drowned and since then I’ve had this crazy fear that if I went in too deep I could drown again. I know I’m old enough to know better, but still can’t shake this fear off. 

Slowly, I hope to overcome the roller coaster slash amusement park fear due to my kids loving amusement parks. I know that it all takes time and it’s all about the power within yourself to overcome fears.

What’s your thing you dislike or fear? 

How will you embrace the ick? 

Stay tuned for the letter F blog. 

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