Today’s blog is the letter F and I will talk about my family. Meaning my kids and husband. To me, the moment you get married and build a home and have kids, that is your family and that should be your focus and not the rest of people who just because they carry your last name and or are blood relation do you need to devote so much energy and time into them. Siblings and parents need to always be a part of the family dynamic no matter what. 

Steven, my husband is a sweet heart but is stubborn in his own ways and expects a lot. I love his hard working ethics and his will to always want to be on top and the best and he really is an over achiever wether he likes to admit it or not. He’s thoughtful and hard working. Working two jobs to support his family and making sure we are okay makes me happy that he is my partner in this thing called life and have no regrets in my choice. 

Branden, the oldest of the clan is high functioning autism. He’s sweet but short tempered. He loves gaming and is not outdoorsy at all but then again I am not outdoorsy neither and would prefer to curl up and watch a movie, as does he. He has it the hardest out of the four, I really look forward to the days he likes to interact with us but feel sad on the days he likes to seclude himself because I know that’s just a part of his personality and he is 12 so I know the moments he does want to spend with us will be rare and few now as he enters the teen years. He hopes to be a pilot or an engineer but hasn’t really decided just yet. 

Ethan, the popular and funny one is just an old soul trapped in a modern world. He loves Elvis and do-wop music and loves history so much. I’m glad we have that in common because we are always talking about American history with each other even tho I’m more of a medieval times and Greek mythology girl. He hopes to become a doctor for veterans. His love for the military is huge and he is a big time American threw and threw. I’m hoping that he continues the same path and doesn’t divert. 

Lily, my little flower was the baby for a long time. She’s very mature and even though she’s a huge gamer chick, she loves girlie things too. She hates shopping but loves manis. She loves skirts and heels but can get down with the boys and battle them in any game. She also has a short temper and can be a bit of a bossy bully to Ethan and poor Branden. She’s very artistic and is an overachiever. If she gets a B she feels disappointed and like she was cheated . I constantly have to remind her that a B is just as good and that she’s way too serious. She hopes to be a veterinarian and is even signed up as a peta kid advocate. 

The last one of the bunch, Kaylee. Oh my little canon. She’s wild and has given me a run for my money when it comes to her personality. She’s always dancing and smiling and laughing. She’s brought so much joy to our home in the short time she’s been with us. You can tell off the bat she has a gentle soul about her. She’s very lovable to other kids and even animals and is just an all around sweetie pie. She’s also artsy and enjoys music a lot. I just hope for her, that shecontinues to be happy in anything that she does no matter what. 

I actually hope that all the choices my kids make are put into God’s hands and that he can instill in their hearts what they need to do to be good, decent and honorable humans in this society. I’m hoping that having them go to church and be good Christians even young that it molds them to be good humans and to not divert into a path of malice and distruction. They are lucky to have both parents in their lives and a wonderful father and a very hands on mom. I just want them to be successful and happy. As long as they are happy then I know I’ll be happy. 

If you have kids, what do you want for them? 

Stay tuned for the letter G blog tomorrow. 

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