Inside and out

Sometimes we hold so much inside that by the time it’s time to speak, we blow! It’s not good to keep things pent up inside but I am one of those introverted people that doesn’t like to speak when something is bothering me. 

Inside, Is where I keep it all and never really speak, sometimes a very rare moment I will speak about things that bother me. 

On the outside, I’m smiling and never show that deep inside the person hurt my feelings, or even bothered me with their ignorance and words. Lately, this is how I have been, can’t explain why but that’s just how things have been… Wish I could just snap out of it. Maybe it’s my depression, maybe it’s been all the changes around me and how slowly people I relied on just weren’t reliable anymore. Hope that in time, all this will pass. 

So do you keep things bottled up inside? 

Thanks for reading! 

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