Just smile!

I have a few days where I feel overwhelmed to the max. Then there are days where my little Kay, with whatever she does, good or bad, I laugh! I have to laugh, she’s a joyful, sweet baby that stood strong for me and with me. 

There are days when I just want to curl up and cry, but she continues to pull me out my funk. She demands happiness, and hugs and play time no matter how funky and horrible my body may feel. 

I know I have to continue smiling threw it all because God gave me a chance to be here, to raise her and watch her grow. Even when I wasn’t strong enough, I just kept pushing cuz I knew that no one would or could do for her as much as I could. They could try, but the love a mother has for her own, is different then any other. 

Her smile makes me happy, her laugh makes me laugh and her little dance fills me up with joy. 

What makes you smile at your most overwhelming and down moment? 

  Emily’s blog 

Stay tuned for the letter K blog!


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