Kissing him…

As our 14th anniversary approaches shortly on July 25th, I know we are really in this for the long haul! 

Many people have doubted or thought that I wasn’t suitable for him because I’m more of the partier and super outspoken one, but in reality we balance each other out oh so much. 

He is the tough but kind one, thoughtful and caring and super lovable. I on the other hand, am super moody, don’t like to be touched, and quiet when it comes to “feelings”.

Everytime he leaves, I really get sad. I may not show it but I am super attached to him and look forward to the days he’s next to me, rubbing my feet and helping me cook in the kitchen. I love and enjoy his laugh and his kisses! 

Kissing him every time he’s asleep and I am awake just because, kissing him as soon as he comes home and kissing him good bye when he leaves for work. The job he does always gives me anxiety so I make sure to kiss him as much as possible. 

I hope that the next few years, no matter what and no matter how mad he makes me, I can always kiss him. 

Stay tuned for the letter L blog!

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