Mommy life 

Being a mommy of four is hard and never hardly easy whatsoever. Others think just because I’m a stay-at-home mom that I have it super easy but I really don’t.

Everyday is a struggle to get up out of bed and think here’s another day of dealing with pains on top of getting the kids out the door on time for school, playing with Kay and making sure she doesn’t break a bone with all the climbing and craziness she does.

With Branden’s autism, it gets harder as he gets older because I know he will forever be in my care and that is my daily fear as he gets older. I know Ethan and lily will be there for him, but I know they will have their own lives to worry about and live so my duty is to always make sure Branden is taken care of.

I plan meals weekly to make my job a bit easier. I find meal planning to be fun and a way that I can strategize the week even though sometimes with lupus it can throw me off but knowing that I can do crock pot meals, makes life a lot easier.

Mommy life is all about planning, organizing and making sure everyone and everything runs smoothly. So my planners come in handy now more than ever and I’m loving it.

What helps you in your mommy life?

Stay tuned for more of the a-z blog challenge.

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