Not so easy

Some days are filled with so much to do that I simply can’t believe I can get it all done. Like today for instance, I have to finish some projects, do laundry for me, Steven and Kay, then I have to do my daily chores. Daily chores include wipe down all surfaces, sweep and collect toys from under the sofa which usually I tell the older 3 to do it because they can get under better than me.

I have to constantly watch Kay because she grabs her stole and will climb to steal snacks. If not she will pull them down or even dump a full box of cereal on the floor just like the photo below!

That’s the little innocent face she gives me. But even though I am constantly cleaning up after her very active self, I laugh and try to get her to help even if it is throwing something into the trash, which she now enjoys.

I have to monitor Branden with his asthma and make sure he remembers what he needs to do daily because he is very forgetful.

Sometimes they just don’t get along! Weekends are pretty much hectic to say the least. I sometimes wish there was more of me to be able to juggle the cleaning, the arguments, Kay’s adventure and trying to make my shop successful.

I have to check the bills weekly and make sure they are paid. I am the one that basically does and manages all household things. From the lists of home essentials to grocery and meal planning which helps a lot! Trust me on this that the crockpot is my best friend in the kitchen because I refuse to spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen especially with Kay constantly tugging or getting into every part of the kitchen.

Lily loves to leave cups everywhere so I’m constantly reminding her to please rinse and put them away but she’s super careless.

They are even supposed to take turns wiping the dinner table which they don’t do so I wind up doing it while putting the next day’s tasks together and getting everyone ready and off electronics for bed.

Managing a household of four kids is so not easy but guess what, they are mine and I love and enjoy every minute of it. And even though I’m utterly exhausted and causes more flare ups lately, I thank god for granting me the beautiful gift of being a mom.

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