DIY target page flags

So those little pesky page flags from target are super hard to find! Is it just me or only the lucky ones seem to find these great little things and yet I can’t seem to find any, sometimes one if I’m ever so lucky from digging in the bins (which of course you know we all do!). 

I decided with all the pretty colors and scrapbook paper I have that I make custom birthday banners in my etsy, why not make them into page flags for myself! 

I grabbed one page flag and used a clear tape to tape it onto my friskars paper cutter. Then, I just grabbed my paper and chopped it the with of the page flags. I had one in brown card stock as my “template” page flag and used it to trace the width and the peaks (i don’t know what else to call them). And viola! I had my own set of page flags. 

A 12×12 makes over 100 and a 8×11 paper makes about 80. So you can just imagine how many little page flags you can have that are just yours and so unique just like the target ones!

Hope this little post helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask.



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