Kay’s Doctors 18 month Well Visit

Kay had her well visit today and she didn’t wake up a very happy girl today. Not only was the day super rainy and cold but baby was not happy about waking up and going out the door. So glad daddy was here and helping me because if not, it surely would have been impossible to deal with her very cranky and a super wet weather alone.

I’m happy to say that Kaylee is a good 22 lbs and 33 inches tall! She then got 4 shots! OUCH! I am not pro vaccinations but because her father insists and because its needed for schooling, I had to, he didn’t want to risk it with her due to the fact that she was in the NICU and had a difficult time getting home to us.

Then after, for being such a good little trooper and having to endure such misery, I took her to target and got her a new little toy for her sand box and a bubble gun since she loves bubbles a lot.

I can’t wait for this wet weather to end so we can go back to our mornings playing outdoors. I love to sit and enjoy the birds chirping and watching her play and enjoy herself. Being cooked up in the house is never as much fun as playing outdoors! I hope that she will wake up in a better mood tomorrow especially after having a nice family movie night in which we saw the Sponge Bob Movie. She really enjoyed it and watched it completely without any distractions which was a first ever!! I guess Kay is growing up… sigh….

That’s all for now!

Stay Blessed.



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