Book Review- Dark places by Gillian Flynn 

I have an audible subscription because I love to listen to stories while I craft and it also helps a lot! Sometimes life gets to hectic to read a book but audible always saves the day. 

I finally finished the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It’s a story about a murdered family and the only survivor is the daughter and as she grows up she uncovers the truth behind the slaughter of her family. Her brother was accused of committing the murders. But as the story continues you realize that there was no possible way he could have done it! 

It’s a great read/listen. I myself enjoyed every bit of it and loved how it ended. It diffenitely didn’t turn out how I thought and it was just very interesting to say the lease. I don’t want to give out too much details in case you decided to pick the book up yourself so if you do trust me when I say I give it a five stars out of five stars!  Very much worth it.

The author has the same tone in all her books, I’ve read gone girl so I figured out her tone and pretty much liked it and it’s hard for me to like a different author because I’ve always been a James Patterson fan since I discovered his books in the 7th grade. But it’s enjoyable and you kind of get the same vibe off all her books so I will grab another one of hers for sure! 

Thanks for checking out my short book review.  

Will you pick this book up to read? Will you put it in your summer read? 



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