Book Review: silence 

Silence by Natasha Preston is a good read. It’s based in England and even though you kinda felt that would be the kind of story it was, you just have to continue reading it. I sometimes felt like it was a lifetime movie kind of book of i had to explain the “feel” of it. 

I liked it and enjoyed it even tho it’s more of a teenager book but then again what age set is any book really? So yeah, even though it’s about a teenaged girl named Oakley who doesn’t speak, her story tugged at my heart so much. The things she had to endure from such a young age really hit home for me…

If you would like to read the book it is free on iBooks! Yup, free!! So if you have some time on your hands be sure to download this book and tell me what you think of it as well. 

I give it a four out of five simply because of how It kind of ended and left you wondering so much & I did shed a few tears at the end. I guess I’ll have to purchase part 2 broken silence to see how Oakley’s story ends and if she will get a happy ending… 



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