We went to…


Jurassic world was on my top summer movies to see and Thursday, Steven wanted to take a trip to see it and so off we went all six of us. 

The kids got to play in the arcade a bit and we walked around the whole mall until it was time for the movie to start. It was Kay’s first time at the movies and I was a bit skeptical because she has never been to the movies and let’s just say she was a bit fussy because it was  almost time for her to go down for bed so he had to remove himself with her for a few. He still was able to come back for the good parts and it was very good to say the least. 

We choose to just pig out and have a eat out day to make my day a bit easier. With Kay it has been a few difficult and very exhausting days. She has been getting over the slight cold she got from the change of temperature and she has super hyper and getting into everything. 

I really do wonder if she has hit her terrible twos early! Is that even possible? I have never experienced this with my other 3 so this is all very much new territory for me. I’m trying very hard and catch myself slipping into the bathroom to cry when she gets too much to handle.

I will be looking up methods to try to see how I can get her cope with her feelings and also how I can cope as well because it is getting overwhelming. Let’s just hope she outgrows it soon because she hasn’t even hit the age of two yet. 

If your a mother, has your child experienced the terrible twos early? 



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