Simple peach iced tea

I was looking threw my pantry and found I had canned peaches and fruit and it hit me that I can make peach iced tea! So I grabbed two cans of the diced peaches and dumped it in a medium sauce pan with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar and stirred it all together. 

After 15 mins of it cooking all together, I grabbed my masher and mashed the peaches more and finely in the pot in low heat so it can continue to cook mashed for another 15 mins. 

While these were cooking, I had steeped three Lipton tea bags in two cups water that were room temperature till the peaches cooked up. I like to steep my tea and let the sun do the work during summer days because I like to use less energy. 
Then, I took my pitcher and dumped the steeped tea water into it and then poured the rest of the peach, sugar mixture into it. I then added two trays of ice and bam! My wonderful home made peach iced tea was complete and didn’t need any more sugar added to it what so ever. 

Let me know if you try my method and how it turned out for you! 



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