Homemade granola bar recipe

This is what I basically had on hand so I just threw it together to make some granola bars for a healthy snack for the kids. I’m trying to eliminate buying store bought processed snacks and it’s just more cost effective & healthier to just make snacks from scratch.

Here’s the video & I hope it helps in making your own!

I used two big scoops of the skippy

1 cup of the steel oats

1 cup of regular oats

1 cup honey

2 teaspoons of coconut organic oil

I melted the honey, skippy, and oil all together then mixed it all together 

Preheat oven at 350 and cook it packed tightly and firmly for 15 mins

I added some chocolate morsels on top and pressed it down before I placed it in the oven. 

You can add anything for a topping! The possibilities are endless with granola bars.

I let it cool for a few hours and then cut into squares and not the kids have snacks for the next two days!



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