One book July challenge 

I stumbled upon this new and interesting challenge. And as I searched more of it into the YouTube vloggers that were participating, it really peaked my interest to the max! 

I have multiple planners and it does get a bit overwhelming at times but always gravitate back to how it all began for me, the bullet journal. I had started it again in June in my live bright medium Kikki k and I was enjoying it so much more! I was no longer using my Heidi swapp memory planner so I gifted it to a family member because the sparkle in her eye when she saw it just warmed me up, I really enjoying giving and also teaching and bringing this wonderful thing that is planning to people. Then I have my adored a5 Franklin covey but it was just too heavy for me to include with all the madness of my bag with Kay’s stuff lugging around with me. And then I bought the happy planner from me and my big ideas which I so loveeeeee and enjoy doing my plan with me videos in. I hope to get better at decorating it! 

So I was lucky enough to get gifted a beautiful fauxdori made from a sweet soul named Peggy. She surprised me with her talent and how beautifully she put it together for me. 

I printed a monthly insert from my life in one place. I also inserted my listers gotta list book in it so it can be easier for me to stay focused and actually do the lists because last month was a total wash! 

Also have my bullet journal notebook, a journal notebook which I must admit I haven’t even began to write in it so shame on me and an extra notebook just in case! 

I have ordered my first set of field notes graph notebooks and the card holders and some rbnexia pens (eekkk as if I really need anymore pens!) so that’s going to be exciting to get on Friday and also once I finish in my first bullet journal notebook then I will use the field notes simply for the graph in it, even though the lines notebooks I purchased at staples came two in a pack, that are now discontinued, doesn’t bother me at all but I do want it to look nicer, if that’s even possible! 

Okay, I’m not rambling! But here’s the link to my very excited self setting up my field notes sized fauxdori and I will be doing a vlog of how I felt in my first week of July in the one book July challenge. 

If you’re interested to join in please feel free to check out rhomanysrealm on YouTube. She is the one that created it and inspired me to join in and plus her YouTube rocks. 



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