Book review: Grey by E L James

I have been waiting for this book since I heard of its launch date a few months ago. The anticipation was so worth the wait. I received it and started it the same day it was launched. I was so thrilled, hopeful and even more ecstatic then when I read the trilogy set of the fifty shades of grey books. 

I loved his version way more than anastasia’s version. I guess because I am a hard core James Patterson fan and always read from a males perspective that I found grey’s version to be more suitable and more my style. It really was everything I had hoped and expected, and then some! 

I so don’t want to ruin it for anyone but this book is definitely better then Ana’s version of their story. He is way more descriptive of their love making and time together and it really was amazing seeing their story from his perspective. And you also get to see the dark side of him, the side he warned Ana about, his fifty shades of “fucked up” pardon my French. 

I do recommend this book and give it five stars. But please bare in mind that it has a darker side then the other 3 previous books because it is his version. Also, be sure to read it at night before bed because well you’ll need your partner after certain scenes, if you catch my drift! If not, then a nice cool shower… It’s a page turner so get ready for a great read.

Hope you all enjoy my book reviews because I really enjoy showing my passion for books and slight thoughts and what I hoped and didn’t like without ruining books because I do hate reading book reviews that spoil the book for you. To me, it ruins the whole concept of a review and leaving to you want to read it and explore the words of the authors. 



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