Kicking off vacation bible school 

Sunday was the start to our church’s vacation bible school week! The theme is Mount Everest and we actually volunteered and went 1 day two weeks ago and helped decorate for it, which was really nice to have been able to do. 

We gathered before it started and held a beautiful but simple picnic. Kay ran around and played with their out doors toys. The kids ate a few hot dogs but kept to themselves and didn’t mingle much because they were pretty hot. 

Then, I got their name tags and bandanas. Lily is in the red group, Branden in the green and Ethan in the yellow. We sat and watched the start of it all. I really love how miss Kelly (the pastors wife) incorporates sign language when getting the kids involved in the songs and learning the songs. I enjoy it so much and hope to learn more sign language this coming year, it will be in my to do list! 

As they parted ways into their sections and learning, me and Steven headed off to target to get some much needed start off to our school supplies shopping. Buying for three children is not easy, so the sooner we get it done the better. 

When we picked them up, their excitement was very evident. They love it and I am so glad they do! Not only are they getting out of the house and doing something good and productive with their time by learning about the bible and also crafting and being with other children. 

I think it’s very important to instill in a child the bible. It is a part of our soul that we need to feed and I know as they grow older, that me taking them to church and letting them know about God that it will have a lasting effect on them and their well being and how they turn out as adults. 

Once the week is over I will do a small recap of their week! 



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