Book Review: bared to you by Sylvia day

This book was highly recommended to me by two friends. Now if you’re into graphic sexual types of books and enjoyed the fifty shades of grey trilogy then do yourself the biggest favor and indulge yourself with this book because it is so amazing! 

Even though it had some points that left me gasping and wondering but why is she acting like that? I knew that how she was, was relatable in many ways than one for myself.

Her relationship with Gideon is like a never ending, uncontrollable fire! Their intensity is amazing and I just couldn’t put this book down and stood up for 3 nights reading it, which is something I didn’t do with fifty shades (sorry, but Gideon is so much better than Christian).

You get to see how their story begins and how they are literally two wounded souls destined for each other. I liked that part a lot. That even the “rich” were not perfect. I also Loved how the author really showed their flaws as real humans and didn’t shy away from being descriptive. 

I have begun to read the second part of this book series. I really can’t wait to tell you how I feel about it! I literally will read the whole series hopefully by the end of this summer, if not sooner. 

Run! Purchase this book on Amazon kindle or in your nearest book store. I give this book 5 stars! 



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