Cranberry muffins recipe 

I had some cranberry in jars and kept thinking how can I use this stuff? Ever wondered what to do with it even though it’s not thanksgiving? Well, I know I sure did! At first I was like thinking like hmmm pancakes, cake and even cookies. But then I remembered how much my kids adore muffins and come on, cranberry muffins you just can’t go wrong with that combination.

At first I was a bit hesitant but then I was like hey I can tackle any recipe and make the best of it. I found this one via Pinterest. Here’s the recipe below and a photo of my results. 

Tip: if it’s too moist add extra flour and mix. I had to add a bit more flour to mine 


Bake at 350 for 28/35 mins just check the center with a toothpick 


On mines, I didn’t add any frosting. Just wanted something easy for the kids to grab and go. This batch made me 24! And it was very tender and delicious. 

My process was I put a scoop of batter inside then about half a table spoon of jellied cranberry that I had mushed and blended. Then I added more bater up top. That way the cranberry jelly will be in the center of the muffin. 

You can choose to add the frosting that is in the description photo above but to me these came out exactly perfect that there was no need for it. Hope you try this recipe and enjoy it with your family or friends. 



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