Setting up my August fauxdori


Ever since sweet Peggy gifted me my beautiful field notes sized fauxdori, it has been my number one love planner wise. I love how I can just change the notebooks and use others with designs. There’s so many variety that you won’t be held down by just a lined page because there’s graphs, dotted and even plain. The possibilities to find something that fits you are endless as long as you give it a try. 
You don’t need to conform to a typical planner because the bullet journal is about you and what works to make your life as simple and organized as possible. I enjoy it so much! Once I saw all the tons of videos and photos of it I just had to join the Facebook group called bullet journal junkies. It’s nice to see everyone share their layouts and ask each other for help and suggestions. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to bullet journal. 

Below you will see photos of how I set up my August graph field notes and you can even check it out in my YouTube video Click here

I made a folder pocket from a file folder to hold receipts and little odds and ends. 
 I purchased the midori official card holders and it has a zipper pouch where I keep a few cash in for emergencies. 

This was the index from jury’s notebook & the key I was using at the time.

 I am really loving the field notes graph over lined notebooks to bucket journal. That will be my preference from now on. I decided to jazz it up with glitter numbers to know it’s from 2015 and a few words to make my own quote. 

Just beautiful possibilities…

And so the journey begins…

This time I used the Marion smith planner stamps to form the keys. I just wanted it to look neater and well I love stamping, so it was a good excuse to use them. 

I kept my monthly pretty simple because I don’t necessarily use the monthly so dividing it up into boxes would not work for me. I just used the same system Ryder Caroll did (he is the creator of the billet journal system.

If you haven’t yet noticed. I stamped a circle No. Stamp to number my pages. Also, I used project life cards to make my running tasks list a little spice. 

I was glad to have achieve mostly all my goals in July so I did a whole new set of goals for August. This time I used a project life card and folded it in half. 

Of course I just couldn’t forget my pain tracker! I love the letters I used which I got from an etsy shop. Who said just because you have a painful disease that you can’t have fun with it? Well, not I! The whole month didn’t fit on the first page but that didn’t bother me so I continued towards the back and gave me enough room to add another quote. Can you tell you tell u love quotes? Now you do! 

I also included an expense tracker which I have never done before and it’s my first time so wish me luck with that one because I have a shopping problem! 

This is what my daily pages look like. Very simple! Put the date over the label and in the label stamp added the day. Went down 3 boxes to add the weather and inserted my water tracker that I printed for free off Pinterest, just simply search free planner stickers. 

Don’t worry we are almost done here, so here u have my meal plans because u like to jot down what u cooked for dinner just so we won’t get stuck in a routine. And then I track my steps because it’s good for me especially with my lupus. I have an app on my phone, hence why my phone is always with me and I hope to invest in a fit bit. If God would love to touch your heart to bless me with one I would greatly appreciate it more than words!

Here’s the page of my lists which is the I need lists which is currently blank, I don’t really feel the need that I want something oh so desperately but a full size midori would be super nice! 

And the other page is for the craft projects I need to do due to the swaps and groups I am that I enjoy very much because they keep me super stressed free. 

 I’ve decided to place the index towards the back of the field notes notebook. Simply because I pretty much know where everything is at. Also I put I little bit on wash in the middle of my daily pages to know that those are my daily pages. But remember you do what works for you! 


I hope this helped you and inspired you to become a part of the bullet journal family. Since I’ve joined and done this I have never been happier, content and organized. I even have a notebook for my book log! 

Hopefully, I will begin journaling in it. August will be the month where it all comes together for me as a writer, journaler and artist. 

Be sure to check out the YouTube video to really see the bujo in action. 




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