Inside my business bullet journal

I have my field notes sized  fauxdori but that’s more for everyday tasks and pain management.

So I decided I needed to have one specifically for my business to keep track of everything possible.

I really love the versatility of a bullet journal and how it doesn’t constrict you at all with layouts and extra stuff that isn’t needed.

I had this notebook that I purchase via amazon and just held on to it because I had no clue what to use it for. It was only about five dollars so for me I thought it was worth it especially because it’s a hardcover graph book. I had posted three choices on the bullet journal face book page for input and they all said this one was the best bet so that’s what I chose. I made sure to number every page front and back on the top corner so it’s easier to view for me.



This is the cover and I shortened my company name on it and kept it pretty simple.


This is the inside and I decided to decorate the back of the front cover with the saying carpe diem and the year. First page is customers information, such as phone numbers, address and emails. It’s always good to keep track of this to later on send them a thank you card and discount codes for being loyal customers. I skipped 3 pages for the next “section”.


This section is for banners and info of banner orders that customers request. I like to write every detail  down just so they can be reassured that their order will go as planned and exactly as they want.


I skipped 15 pages for this next section.  It’s for Cowls and neck warmers which is going to be my main go to item other than banners because I enjoy to crochet. In here I will write the customers color choices and preferences, how many they ordered.


This is the accounting page. I am terrible and spend way too much on supplies and just really go overboard at times. I know a lot of craters have this same issue! I’m hoping that if I write down what I spend on supplies for my shop and the incoming money from the orders, I can see if I’m losing or making a profit. I should have been done this from when I started with just my banners but since I barely got any orders, I didn’t think it was necessary.


I skipped only ten pages for that previous section. On this page I split it in half and placed codes and pricing. I like to be able to give codes on special occasions of my family and for holidays. I even like to put special codes for my Facebook page so be sure to look for fourxblessed so you can keep your eyes out on that! The pricing section is for when item prices I purchase go up or down, I can keep track of changing my prices in my shop. I am hoping that that doesn’t happen often.


Lastly, is the index. Some like to have the index in the front of the bullet journal but for me, it just works better towards the back to be able to not have blank pages and what not.

I’m hoping that I can find some tabs to place em and know which section to turn to. I guess that’s the only major thing that slipped my mind to purchase but that’s okay.

I hope you guys enjoy viewing my business bullet journal and I will be sharing it again once business really picks up and if any changes occur in it, which most likely will definitely happen.

Take care and God bless.


Instagram: fourxblessed


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