New bullet journal weekly setup and update


It’s a new week so that means it’s time to update and set up my new week in my bullet journal. I had this cover from my first planner which was a mead planner from target and look, it came in handy for my bujo! I was very excited for Sunday to roll around to try a few new things that I felt inspired by tinyrayofsunshine. Can you tell I’m totally loving her blog?! Well, click the link to feel just as inspired as I am!

So, I decided that I did need to do a weekly layout to “test” and to see how I feel about it because there is so many options, so if something doesn’t feel “right,” I can easily go back to how I originally have always done it just on a day to day to day basis. Photo below.


Above photo was my last week. For two days I tried the banner header and I totally screwed that up! It’s all a learning process and I left it like that because I am human and I am not perfect by any means.


Above photo I’m showing my monthly were I am doing the drawlloween challenge. I don’t draw and can’t draw for the life of me, but hey its fun to try! I added a project life card with a Calendar sticky note from my minds eye to track my pain. I like it this way and will continue to put it like this because I can take it out if need be for my doctors.


In the monthly list I just added some Halloween stickers. Can’t ever go wrong with stickers and washi tape. I use the monthly as a short summary of the day.


Above is a copy that I found off pinterest.


I started a quotes collection since this month’s #bulletjournalchallengeoctober is all about collections. I am excited to see what other collections I will be doing and hopefully I can surf that handle via instagram and feel more inspired. I kid you not, I look at the #bulletjournal every day!


To keep track of what’s being clean and when, I decided on doing a monthly cleaning tracker. So far I see this as helpful because I can switch what gets clean if it was already done etc. I can go back and see also if something needs to be cleaned more often. For us mommies this is helpful especially with our hands so full.

Now it’s time to show you this upcoming weeks layout!


I decided to do it on a two page spread. I used the above with 8 blocks vertically and horizontally. I put my water tracking in the bottom of the day. I’m only putting the three major tasks done that day in those blocks. I then used the last section to keep track of the meals for the week. I really like how the top came out and I hope to stick to it. Then under the first section of the first page I used a sticky note to make it as the header for my major tasks of the week. I can look back to my monthly major tasks and write them on here so I know it has to be due that week. Then on the other side I have my notes and my social media tracker. The tracker stamp is from tiny Lil stamps via etsy. I placed a quote on the corner that’s a printable I found a while ago via pinterest.


Close up on the quote.

I am glad to continue to share my bullet journal journey with you all. And as I learn and grow, I hope to help others.

Stay blessed,



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