3 years since I got to hold her in the NICU. 3 years since she fought to be here with us all and I’m beyond glad that the most high answered my prayers for her recovery.

Kay is super spunky and funny. Her laughter fills the house up. She has grown to love animals of any kind and is obsessed with play doh. She can put a puzzle together in a blink of an eye and loves to be read to. 

She’s almost 100% potty trained as well! she can sing you many songs and the latest hits from the radio. time sure does fly and before I know it she will be entering school and I can’t wait to continue sharing our lives with you all.

Here’s some photos from her special day. enjoy and God bless.



2 thoughts on “KAYLEE TURNED 3

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiii Kay. I was fortunate enough to meet you yaaayyy. You’re an angel foreal. I’m so grateful for your life. Although I wasn’t there the day of your birth, I’ve followed your story since birth and will continue to do so. I love you very much. You’re so compassionate. I love your mommy, she’s awesome. You and your siblings are very blessed. I pray that you have many more (multiplied by infinity and twelve more) birthdays on the way. God bless. ❤️️🤗

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