My first dewey’s 24 hour readathon

I came across this awesome thing called Dewey’s 24 hour readathon. There was a countdown to when it began and it’s basically what the title is, 24 hours of reading and seeing how much you can read from your to be read list. 

At the time I was sick with a terrible cold and in bed, so I signed up and joined the group on Facebook to see how much I would enjoy this and oh man, it motivated me beyond words.

I eneed up reading the laughing corpse which is book 2 from the Anita Blake series and started the wedding which is part 2 of the notebook. I did end up not being able to finish the wedding due to me just bring a mess with the cold but I can honestly say that when April rolls around for the next one I will definitely be more prepared and anticipating a joyous 24 hours of curled up with books. i will try to read more than just a book and a half. 

Remembering the good times of when I could just read till my eyes hurt and not being engulfed by electronics and social media felt Oh so refreshing.

Here’s the blog if you’re interested in joining me in April! I look forward to it and enjoy tuning out the world to get lost in words.

Stay blessed.


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