Vegetarian recipe: pasta spinach delight

This dish is my go to pasta dish because when I need my spinach based vitamins,  this is how I incorporate it into my meal.   

I didn’t get to take a photo of the products used because it slipped my mind (brain fog)  but I did manage to snap a photo and was like this would be a good first vegetarian/vegan post for my blog.  

I used Barilla elbow pasta you can use any pasta you wish. For our size I use the whole box so cook per usual with water and sea salt.  

In a small pot,  I warm up two teaspoons of the smart balance non dairy butter and throw in frozen spinach because hey, it lasts longer for me anyway.  Let it cook till you see its no longer frozen.  Turn off and set aside.  

I glazed some onions in a bit of oil and set that aside too. 

You can use any pasta sauce of your choice.  The one I used is garlic and herb. 

Once the pasta is cooked,  drain and mix in the onions and the pasta sauce and spinach and boom,  you’ll have a meal in less than 30 minutes! 

Hope you enjoyed this quick recipe and be sure to stay tuned for more vegetarian/vegan recipes from me.  

Stay blessed ❤️


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