I couldn’t resist. . . 

I had purchased a beautiful Websters color crush planner from joanns in the spring of this year 2016. It matched me perfectly, so blissfully I stored it away to be used in 2017 but this month,  I couldn’t resist pulling it off my shelf and set it up. 

I know,  I love my precious Filofax domino but it just wasn’t screaming to me as much as my Websters color crush.  
So here is below.

I printed the year at a glance from pengems.com that is free. 

I love this cute Lil printable I found on pinterest and glued it on to this paper from a recollections paper pad I recently hauled. I’m a coffee junkie and this was beyond fitting and combined well with the planner. 

The remaining months of this year  inserts  from  the  1407 planner. 

Some of my tabs I made that are purple and  baby  blue with  bows on  them. 

Kept the  inserts  from  Websters  pages. I removed the weeklies because I want to purchase some just don’t know from where yet.  

Left the  list that  came  with the  planner and placed my color coding stickers into the slot to always  have  on  hand. 

I love the colors and I’m excited to continue sharing my planners with you via here and my youtube channel. 

Stay blessed. 


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