The purge

I’ve been so busy these past few days just purging my house and looking up minimalism that I am half way there.  The thing is that with four kids,  two dogs and a Guinea pig in a 1300 Sq ft house I have to keep it from being invaded by them all. 

Kay’s things are still in my room which makes it hardly mine even though she shares a room with lily.  But I did manage to remove her baby dresser and a huge trash bag of clothes that didn’t fit. It felt nice to organize what she has left and make her a capsule wardrobe just like mine.  

I tackled the kitchen and removed everything and seeing it so nice and clean and seamless makes me feel amazing. 

I still have the dinning area to go threw and change the computer table to less of an eye sore.  Also will be changing up my living room soon.  
Living minimalistic is about having what you need and will use because having too much of a excessive things will cause clutter. I am now tying it all to my anxiety and depression at how bad my house has become and it wasn’t dirty it was just cluttered,  clutter everywhere. 

The purge has and will continue until I can sit back and breath again in my home. 

I’ll share photos later once it’s all complete

❤️ stay blessed 


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