New year started off sad…

With the new year here, I still feel numb. There’s so much I just cannot place into words at how 2016 ended in such a sad and heartbreaking note. Well here it goes, my father in law whom I adored went to heaven on Dec 31, 2016 at 7 pm.

Grandpa with Branden 2003

We were doing groceries and running our last minute errands to head home and spend it together when bam, that phone call changed it all for us. We rushed home and just gathered what we could in a hurry and rushed all the way to nyc. 

My poor babies were crying a bit and it was a very quiet drive. 

His mother was devastated but she held it pretty together because the kids were there with her. I helped as much as I could with putting his clothes together for the funeral and just being of comfort. Also me and my sister in law put the memorial collage of his photos together as well.

The funeral was nice. Everyone came to show support but I pretty much kept to myself due to just my own personal reasons. I loved his father, in my own way I just wanted to respect and appreciate that this was the final time we would see him. There were other factors involved as to why I kept away from everyone but I won’t disclose that here.
My parents did come and show support in which I appreciate it wholeheartedly. Sadly, lily got ill and so did Kay during our trip there so we couldn’t stay longer as we had originally planned.

So much sadness has engulfed me and has put me in a manic depressive state. I’m hoping this too shall pass.

Thank you to all those who extended loving texts and comments. It was all appreciated. 


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