Changes To My Channel

With the new year finally here, I sat and re-evaluated my youtube channel. The changes may or may not stay depending on how the views pan out on them. Here goes nothing!

I will be posting 5x a week. Instead of plan with me videos, I will change those to plan as I go. The reason for this change is because I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing an Erin Condren planner. This is beyond exciting for me! I am so ecstatic to finally be able to get my hands on one after debating for a month if I should.

My happy planner will now be a memory planner to journal in and stick my memories into.

The bullet journal is still a key feature into my planning style that I will continue to do plan with me and flip threw of. I also bought the new b journal from Teresa Collins which will be put to use once I am done with my markings notebook which I LOVE!

I will vlog occasionally but that might change because I am now considering doing a just strickly vlog channel.

I will continue to do the ipsy bag unbaggings and hauls. You definitely will continue to see all my crafts and diy projects I do in the home and happy mail videos from swaps or pen pals.

You will no longer see get ready with me videos on my channel. I decided that even though I love makeup, I just feel too insecure still about how I do my makeup.

I hope these new changes come with a new array of subscribers and views. The many changes in my life and also me personally as a person have just caused me to re-evaluate the direction to my channel.




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