Journey into black out poetry

As I was surfing threw the vast creative world that is youtube, i learned about black out poetry. 

I have seen many photos via tumblr and wondered what it was and now I can say that I really enjoy this process especially on days that i simply can not place words together. 

This creative outlet is unlike anything I have come across of and actually feels soothing, its the best way I can describe it to be for me anyways. 

Here is the first one I managed to create. 

I placed washi tape on the corners of the pages I did create. Since this book is a thriller, it will be interesting to see all the finished poems. 

Here’s the cover of the book: 

I will revamp the cover to suit me better and the poems I end up creating from it. 

If you would like to see more photos of the poetry I wind up creating, please visit my tumblr

Stay blessed. 



My yarn organization


My yarn collection and accessories have seemed to have expanded overnight! I launched my site that I needed to have yarn to make some pre-made for quicker mailing.

So on the top, I have a mommy and me set completed. Then I have some in completed project that I can’t divulge because it will soon be in my shop for purchase.

Back to how I organized this little blue cart that I snagged at good will for $4.95!!


So in the first drawer it was a thin one, so I decided to place my supplies in there. I even have a school pencil case to hold the even smaller items like the needles and hooks etc. Placed the scisssors, buttons and other miscellaneous stuff that has to do with crochet.


In the second drawer, I placed the Martha Stewart looming kit. I love this looming set because it is versatile enough to make any and all loom projects.  I just started weaving and only created one that I’m still shy to show since it was my first one (silly right?).



The next two drawers are a bit deeper than the previous two top ones. I decided to place the new yarns that I had recently purchased lately in there. I’m able to reach for  it easily if there’s a custom order. Every yarn is show cased, that way it will be easier to choose or you can request one that’s not listed as well. With some I will pre-make for quicker arrivals and to show how it actually looks since I use several different stiching methods. On the days that my lupus gets to the bad flare ups, I use the loom. But on my good days, I like to sit with a crochet needle and enjoy how it feels because it makes me think of my aunt who taught me when I was 12. Also because it’s actually made by my hands.

The storage is located in my dinning room area because going down constantly to my craft room tends to take a toll on my legs. Now I can just wheel it next to me (forgot to mention it has wheels) and lay comfortably down and know my projects are right near me.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. And if you are trying to figure out how to store yarn and the accessories, I hope this gave you an idea as to what you can do from a thrifty find.

Stay blessed,

Projects Galore 

I have so many projects going on! I am so glad that I have my planners to keep track of when they are all due and when to ship etc. I enjoy making things and sitting in my craft room quietly listening to my books via audible. It’s just easier for me listen then to sit with a book because I will constantly get distracted to run or prevent Kay from getting into something or stop arguments.

One project I am working on is an altered tea cup. This one is my first ever like this so I am super ecstatic to have joined this swap. I will blog and do a video on YouTube once it’s completed! I had found a tea cup set of four in my favorite thrift store so I took them home with me and will make one for the swap and one for me and then the other two teacups I will save for Kay’s special birthday that I will not announce the theme,  just in case it gets changed.

Another project I am working on is the vintage/shabby chic junk journal. This is from a Facebook group that I am in. It has to be a composition notebook which makes it easier but can do much more on it because of the size of it. This will be my second junk journal! So I am very glad I decided to join in on this swap. Below is a photo of my first junk journal and I have posted on my YouTube the inside and details of it all.

  • I was supposed to go to a baby shower but couldn’t due to my flare up just starting the day before. I was so sad to have been able to go but her gifts were mailed to my sweet friend and one of the things I made for her was a monthly label to capture the baby and see how each month she changes and grows. I loved it and will be making more for my etsy shop.

This week was super jam packed with projects as you can clearly see for yourself and also see on my Instagram my journey and life via there so feel free to follow me. Okay back to the projects! I also made 3 mini brag books, I had made one for my sister for her prom and she loved it so much that her friends requested some so I also placed them in my etsy shop so they can enjoy and have a mini brag book. I learned how to make it via scrapinology’s YouTube which I love because that’s where I get my inspiration from. I admire her talent so much and hope to be as gifted as her.

The last project I made this week was an atc shabby chic easel. I had never made an atc card before so this was also a learning process for myself. I enjoyed it so much and was glad to have one for myself! I have also made a YouTube video of the description of the lovely project so feel free to check it out HERE

So that’s all I managed to get done this week, phew! I’m hoping this next week is filled with more lovely projects because this helps me so much with my depression and feeling good and it’s a great outlet.

If your feeling a bit blue or like you might be depressed, color, doodle or draw or even write or read! Don’t stay stuck in the mud because it will just make it worse. I know from experience and found this healthy way as an outlet.

What projects are working on?

Feel free to follow Emily’s blog in the a-z challenge we are doing together.