My November and photos

It’s the last day of November and as the rain continues to pour down,  I am nestled in bed trying to relax and get this mild flare up under control. 

Eva is loving the fall leaves that we piled up for her to play and jump in.  

My favorite purchase of November is the Kathleen lights x morphe palette.  😊

Had a much needed girls day with my BFF.  

Kay enjoyed a few Park days due to how warm it’s been. 

Me and hubby revamped our hair which was much needed on both our ends and let me tell u it feels great to finally have my pixie in order. 

I am so beyond glad that stores now have way more penguin items in Stock because my obsession is real.  

I’m still reading ever so slowly the wedding.  Don’t worry I’ll finish it hopefully soon,  I’ve just been on a reading blogs addiction instead.  

Other than that,  I’ve had a sudden kick of enthusiasm to blog,  vlog and start my ebook. So even though I am barely reading,  I am managing to be way more productive with my time.  

I look forward to sharing more of my memories  with  you  all on  here and on my youtube. 

What’s your favorite memory of November? 

Stay blessed. 



3 years since I got to hold her in the NICU. 3 years since she fought to be here with us all and I’m beyond glad that the most high answered my prayers for her recovery.

Kay is super spunky and funny. Her laughter fills the house up. She has grown to love animals of any kind and is obsessed with play doh. She can put a puzzle together in a blink of an eye and loves to be read to. 

She’s almost 100% potty trained as well! she can sing you many songs and the latest hits from the radio. time sure does fly and before I know it she will be entering school and I can’t wait to continue sharing our lives with you all.

Here’s some photos from her special day. enjoy and God bless.


Our Halloween

No matter how much you plan, things never go as planned. When you have kids it’s like when do things go as planned?

We went to the Halloween store to get some last minute stuff for me and mister officer. Then I had to go to Michael’s to get some paper for an order made. I really got distracted and to top it off the line was long!

So afterwards we planned to just get a quick dinner at McDonald’s but they were severely under staffed so we waited for about 45 minutes. By the time 5:15 pm rolled around I knew we were doomed!

Lily had to get dropped off at her best friends house and Kay was severely constipated to the point she was in agony and tears. So me and him couldn’t get ready nor could we even give out candy or take the boys trick or treating. Our neighborhood sets up a yearly Halloween sort of parade where they line up and all trick or treat together.  This year they had started at 5 pm so we pretty much missed it all.

Kay was all better by 8 ish. By that time the boys were done and I’m so glad my niece came and was able to go with them around as me and mister officer dealt with our sick little one.

See how life throws you curve balls without expected. And even though I felt like the night wasn’t what I wanted or how we had planned I’m just glad that when Kay did feel better, she enjoyed her Halloween and loved her bumble bee outfit.


I was still able to pull off my creepy doll look that I had spent the night before looking up how to do this look.


Was I creepy enough?


My zombie officer and the creepy doll duo.

I wasn’t able to capture the others on my phone. But I am glad they had fun and can still wear their costumes to play.

Hopefully next Halloween we can actually all go around and have it not be so late or a disaster. But that’s life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hope you all had a happy halloween.

Picnic at the 4 chaplains chapel

We got invited to a picnic at the 4 chaplains chapel here in Philadelphia. I never heard of these wonderful and heroic men that the Chapel was made for. The boat was sinking (forgot which war it was) and there was not enough life vests for all the soldiers. These four men Gave their life vest so that others could live. They perished and were never found. May they rest in peace.


We got there at the beginning of the event so it was nice to chit chat with a few people. We were practically the only family and the only ones around our age, this didn’t bother me.  There was wine and lots of food. The kids had a wonderful time due to the boys club games that were set up next to the picnic



Watching the Vietnam veterans rise up the flag of pow and the American flag gave me goose bumps and I felt pride to have had the honor to be there and watch this happen.


The day was very gloomy but that didn’t matter because we were under a tent. Kay gave us a run for our money though I’ll tell you that much! She was such a handful that we had to exit out and head home before the event finished, we left an hour early. She will be on their website so I’ll be on the lookout and post it up on my Instagram once they do post her photo.


It was a lovely time and made me feel good and honored to have sat with our veterans. I hope to be able to go to another event like this very soon.





Xo,  Vanessa

Kicking off vacation bible school 

Sunday was the start to our church’s vacation bible school week! The theme is Mount Everest and we actually volunteered and went 1 day two weeks ago and helped decorate for it, which was really nice to have been able to do. 

We gathered before it started and held a beautiful but simple picnic. Kay ran around and played with their out doors toys. The kids ate a few hot dogs but kept to themselves and didn’t mingle much because they were pretty hot. 

Then, I got their name tags and bandanas. Lily is in the red group, Branden in the green and Ethan in the yellow. We sat and watched the start of it all. I really love how miss Kelly (the pastors wife) incorporates sign language when getting the kids involved in the songs and learning the songs. I enjoy it so much and hope to learn more sign language this coming year, it will be in my to do list! 

As they parted ways into their sections and learning, me and Steven headed off to target to get some much needed start off to our school supplies shopping. Buying for three children is not easy, so the sooner we get it done the better. 

When we picked them up, their excitement was very evident. They love it and I am so glad they do! Not only are they getting out of the house and doing something good and productive with their time by learning about the bible and also crafting and being with other children. 

I think it’s very important to instill in a child the bible. It is a part of our soul that we need to feed and I know as they grow older, that me taking them to church and letting them know about God that it will have a lasting effect on them and their well being and how they turn out as adults. 

Once the week is over I will do a small recap of their week! 


Our Father’s Day Weekend

We were very lucky to have had Steven be off this weekend. It’s very rare that he gets this opportunity so we pretty much wanted to relax together as a family. 

Friday, since the kids finished school on Thursday, we decided to enjoy or season pass for Sahara SAMs water park. This time we got to enjoy it much more since it wasn’t as jam packed as the first time we went. 



We enjoyed dinner there and let me tell you the pizza and fries were amazing! So if you haven’t gone get to this lovely place I recommend you should go during the week of course to have a nice experience with your kiddies. 

On Sunday was Father’s Day! I made him some home made caramel popcorn. The recipe is as follows: 

Two bags of microwave popcorn

1 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup light corn syrup Karo brand

1/2 bar of butter

1 tbs salt 

1 tbs vanilla 

1/4 tsp baking soda

Melt the butter, corn syrup and sugar until it gets a nice brown color and a bit thick stirring constantly. 

Mix the rest of ingredients and let simmer on low heat for 5/10 minutes 

You preheat the oven at 300 degrees. Spread the popcorn and drizzle the mixture over top. Flip and drizzle more. Try to get it a bit coated as much as possible.

Bake for 15 mins and stir/flip the popcorn ever 5 minutes. 

This is the beautiful result. 

Found that printable via Pinterest and he really enjoyed it. Now he has some yummy popcorn to munch on while he is in traffic to and from work. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and recipe. Let me know if you tried it! 


We went to…


Jurassic world was on my top summer movies to see and Thursday, Steven wanted to take a trip to see it and so off we went all six of us. 

The kids got to play in the arcade a bit and we walked around the whole mall until it was time for the movie to start. It was Kay’s first time at the movies and I was a bit skeptical because she has never been to the movies and let’s just say she was a bit fussy because it was  almost time for her to go down for bed so he had to remove himself with her for a few. He still was able to come back for the good parts and it was very good to say the least. 

We choose to just pig out and have a eat out day to make my day a bit easier. With Kay it has been a few difficult and very exhausting days. She has been getting over the slight cold she got from the change of temperature and she has super hyper and getting into everything. 

I really do wonder if she has hit her terrible twos early! Is that even possible? I have never experienced this with my other 3 so this is all very much new territory for me. I’m trying very hard and catch myself slipping into the bathroom to cry when she gets too much to handle.

I will be looking up methods to try to see how I can get her cope with her feelings and also how I can cope as well because it is getting overwhelming. Let’s just hope she outgrows it soon because she hasn’t even hit the age of two yet. 

If your a mother, has your child experienced the terrible twos early?