March in my Bullet Journal 

Seems like the months are flying by! I am set up for march in my bullet journal which is still being held in my markings notebook from staples. 

Since last month I didn’t have a tracker, I wanted to return to it but from a different perspective. I used the tracker printables from decade thirty which can be found on her etsy. 

I also decided to change how my monthly is setup since I use my happy planner as a monthly and weekly planner. 

I also included a videos idea brain dump and that was basically it. 

I do plan on showing february and march flip threw together on my youtube channel since February was a short month.  I enjoy watching recaps of people’s planners and bullet journals,  do you? 

Stay blessed! 


January bullet journal recap 

January was filled with so much bad moments but despite the sad and bad parts, I tried to document my days as best I could. I got sick with the flu as well with in turn made my habit tracker become a complete bust that I am just not going to bother with it at all in February. Here is the link to the video if you wish to see the January recap explained more further. 

I did add a this year I will page that I didn’t have when I first set up my 2017 bullet journal.

My January was not filled with many memories…

My failed habit tracker.

Week 1 summary page.

Week 2 summary page 

Week 3 Summary page 

Week 4 summary page.

I am enjoying using the stickers from the happy planner stickers books as part of my summary pages.

Pretty much, my dailies are very minimalistic. I love seeing everyone’s fancy lettering and doodles in their bullet journals but my approach is basic and works for me. I learned that this is the route I rather take then to compare my bullet journal to others and wanting the picture perfect bujo. I love my bullet journal and as a daily planner it’s perfect for my simple stay at home mom life and memory keeping in my own way. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos and that you can check out the video on my youtube channel to see it explained further. 

Stay blessed.


Ready for 2017

I have set up my bullet journal for 2017. I love the bullet journal system because it is what works best for me. This time around I’m using the markings spiral three section notebook.  

I love the sections and  how  each section is designated with the different kind of paper.  First section is lined,  second is graph and the last one is plain which is perfect to glue in things and printable found online (that’s what I’ll use it for). 

Below you will see how I set up the first section which is lined. 

Two pages front and back for the index of important pages. 

Blog ideas based on months and seasons and my goals for the year. 

Above is the page to introduce January

This time around I wanted a memories section to jot the good things that happened because I’ve never done it and want to be able to look back at the good things in life.  Then,  I did the running monthly which is the typical way to keep track of things etc in the bullet journal system. 

Next,  I decided to break down my habits by weeks for the month so it won’t feel so overwhelming to me because I am terrible at keeping track of anything. 

This time after much experimenting this is how I set up my weekly overview since I will be using my recollections planner as a weekly planner,  I didn’t feel it was necessary to do another weekly in here and waste space.  

I will be doing daily planning in this bullet journal. 

In the second section,  since it’s a grid it’s perfect for the trackers.  So I’m doing a yearly summary trackers of my youtube posts which will be in red and my blog posts which will be in blue.

I’ve been wanting to try a year in pixels and thought it was the perfect time to start.  You basically color code your mood and track it.  If you deal with mental health issues like me, I recommend this to help know the highs and lows of your life. 

I also want to see my menstrual in a year based view.  It’s just easier to view and know when the dot will be visiting other than having the app on my phone. 

The last thing I will be tracking is my Township game that I play religiously on my phone.  I love this game and it’s basically the best pass time and also very fun since I get to chat with the players on my team and get challenged to complete tasks etc. I like to track the score we made together in regattas and how many tasks out of the 15 I completed. 

I still have a few pages to set up but once I am done I will share the rest on my youtube channel. 

Thanks for checking out how I set up my bullet journal so far.

Stay blessed ❤️


My everyday bullet journal- November 

I love the bullet journal. i love the simplicity in it and how creative you can be. i also love the minimalistic part of it. this month I decided to do it more on the minimalistic side. 

I did not put a tracker this month because it’s in my filofax which I will post a flip thru via my youtube channel later on. this bullet journal is mainly just to jot notes & daily to dos. There’s no weekly setup in here & no fancy lettering, just simple and straightforward which is just the basics. 

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy, some  times just going simple and going back to basics is what we need in order to make it work. Planning should be something that works for you. Just because others are about tracking this or that and lettering every thing and doodles doesn’t mean you have to do it too.

Hope this inspires you to try a minimalist bullet journal and see if it works for you. 

Below are the photos of my November bullet journal. 

God bless. 

New bullet journal weekly setup and update


It’s a new week so that means it’s time to update and set up my new week in my bullet journal. I had this cover from my first planner which was a mead planner from target and look, it came in handy for my bujo! I was very excited for Sunday to roll around to try a few new things that I felt inspired by tinyrayofsunshine. Can you tell I’m totally loving her blog?! Well, click the link to feel just as inspired as I am!

So, I decided that I did need to do a weekly layout to “test” and to see how I feel about it because there is so many options, so if something doesn’t feel “right,” I can easily go back to how I originally have always done it just on a day to day to day basis. Photo below.


Above photo was my last week. For two days I tried the banner header and I totally screwed that up! It’s all a learning process and I left it like that because I am human and I am not perfect by any means.


Above photo I’m showing my monthly were I am doing the drawlloween challenge. I don’t draw and can’t draw for the life of me, but hey its fun to try! I added a project life card with a Calendar sticky note from my minds eye to track my pain. I like it this way and will continue to put it like this because I can take it out if need be for my doctors.


In the monthly list I just added some Halloween stickers. Can’t ever go wrong with stickers and washi tape. I use the monthly as a short summary of the day.


Above is a copy that I found off pinterest.


I started a quotes collection since this month’s #bulletjournalchallengeoctober is all about collections. I am excited to see what other collections I will be doing and hopefully I can surf that handle via instagram and feel more inspired. I kid you not, I look at the #bulletjournal every day!


To keep track of what’s being clean and when, I decided on doing a monthly cleaning tracker. So far I see this as helpful because I can switch what gets clean if it was already done etc. I can go back and see also if something needs to be cleaned more often. For us mommies this is helpful especially with our hands so full.

Now it’s time to show you this upcoming weeks layout!


I decided to do it on a two page spread. I used the above with 8 blocks vertically and horizontally. I put my water tracking in the bottom of the day. I’m only putting the three major tasks done that day in those blocks. I then used the last section to keep track of the meals for the week. I really like how the top came out and I hope to stick to it. Then under the first section of the first page I used a sticky note to make it as the header for my major tasks of the week. I can look back to my monthly major tasks and write them on here so I know it has to be due that week. Then on the other side I have my notes and my social media tracker. The tracker stamp is from tiny Lil stamps via etsy. I placed a quote on the corner that’s a printable I found a while ago via pinterest.


Close up on the quote.

I am glad to continue to share my bullet journal journey with you all. And as I learn and grow, I hope to help others.

Stay blessed,


October bullet journal


I was using the field notes sized in my fauxdori to bullet journal. But September was not a kind month to me health wise so I decided to put my miquelrius journal, purchased at Barnes and nobles, to use. I was saving it to start in January but I was like eager to start in it as soon as I could and already on my first day, I have no regrets.


Above photo is my key system. The key system is essential to have when bullet journaling to know what is what. I will be using red, purple and black to color code and make certain things to stand out to me. I don’t want to color code each of the kids just yet but I hope to gravitate to color code more later on.

Below you will see the field notes layout I was using for September, which half and some pages remained empty, which drives me nuts! Who else dislikes blank pages?



I really did try my best to get it together and shake the flare ups off and cold but it just wasn’t a good month for my lupus.

I was searching the #bulletjournal on Instagram and visited a few blogs like tinyrayofsunshine’s and misszoot’s and I was like, “time to move it and use this journal asap vanessa!” I grabbed it after I settled my nerves coloring the October calender from misszoot’s blog and glued it onto a page. I haven’t yet numbered the pages or done my index in the back of the book but I’ll get there, for now I don’t find it necessary since I’ll be using tabs to find my away around my bujo.


At misszoot’s she also has the year 2016 monthly printable so I have saved that file to print later. Woohoo!


Inside the cover, since it is soft bound, I used a card stock cut down (I’ll add washi to the side because the space will irk me.) To make it more harder and not so flimsy, I did the same to the back but with a different pattern paper.

Then I started my collections, this is my first time doing a collections so I’m very eager to see how it is for me in my bullet journal. I’ll be doing one every month and sometimes different ones, depending on the month and what I would like to record and track. If youre wondering what collections are, collections are just a list of things like books read, movies watched, projects completed, blog ideas and so forth.



These are my collections above. I made sure to draw in pencil, just incase I messed up.

Now after I did my collections,  I was ready to do my monthly and daily. I didn’t do a weekly since I’ll still be using my happy planner for the family planner and just one that’s always out on my divider.


Above photo is my happy planner layout decorated for the week.

So as you can see I’ll be using two planner systems and it’s okay! I just like to be able to record the little things over just only planning and that’s how and why I continue to use the bullet journal. It was the first system I discovered back in January 2015, that I’ve stuck to and I’m content with having both the bullet journal and the happy planner.


The photo above is the October process after the collections since this month starts on a Thursday, I didn’t want to do a fancy weekly layout and like I stated, don’t need it so I just did the same October bullet journal layout written out. I’ll be writing down a line of the highlight of the day or things that are important etc.

I hope that I’ll enjoy this journal and will be doing a YouTube video once I’ve spent two weeks in it. I’ll even show the process of how I do my dailies every morning before my day gets started. Hopefully, October is a better month where I can record more and do more to have better memories for myself and my children to look back to as they get older. With my memory being so bad, I know I’ll appreciate this effort I make every day for them.

If you would like to learn more about the bullet journal system visit I feel like her blog is hands down the most helpful for beginners.

Stay blessed everyone,