My first book!

After months of putting it off and letting life get the best of me, I finally got to completing my goal which was writing my collection of poetry! I was so anxious and nervous and now that I have finally done it, I am motivated to make another. I am even motivated to actually join nanowrimo and actually write a novel which I haven’t done since I was like 14. When I was a pre-teen I would curl up with my typewriter every chance I could and just write for hours upon hours. Too bad that upon moving so much I lost all those stories forever.

I had missed my creative side and miss expressing myself with the power of words.

I will no longer let life get the best of me and 2018 has been amazing so far despite how horrible, sad and tragic 2017 was for me and my family. Life is about living it and living it now.

So take my advice, don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today because tomorrow’s are never for sure and today is.

Here’s the link to my book. It’s on the kindle store for now. I will be working on getting it to be a physical book when I am able to which should be in the next few days.

Buy it here.

Stay blessed!



Journey into black out poetry

As I was surfing threw the vast creative world that is youtube, i learned about black out poetry. 

I have seen many photos via tumblr and wondered what it was and now I can say that I really enjoy this process especially on days that i simply can not place words together. 

This creative outlet is unlike anything I have come across of and actually feels soothing, its the best way I can describe it to be for me anyways. 

Here is the first one I managed to create. 

I placed washi tape on the corners of the pages I did create. Since this book is a thriller, it will be interesting to see all the finished poems. 

Here’s the cover of the book: 

I will revamp the cover to suit me better and the poems I end up creating from it. 

If you would like to see more photos of the poetry I wind up creating, please visit my tumblr

Stay blessed. 


Making vision/inspiration pages in my Bullet Journal

I had cut out a few things that stuck out to me from a magazine and had been wanting to make a vision board/inspiration pages in my bullet journal for awhile. I didn’t want to make a big typical one on a poster board and hang it up etc. Like most I have seen. Putting it in my bullet journal that I am constantly in and flipping threw seemed more and more like a good idea.

I enjoyes the process so much and it didn’t take long to place it all together. 

What is something you have done to be creative in your bullet journal? 

Xo, Vanessa.

All the planners!

Here is an update to my planning system. Life with four kids is chaotic at times, so having a planner to manage everything works wonders especially since I took up blogging and creating videos on youtube. Also, I am able to schedule in some twitch streams and know when I can and cannot stream. 

The purse being loaded with toddler things contains my franklin covey planner that I take with me. You can watch the video to me setting it up HERE.  I love that I can open it up during groceries or other runs to appointments and such that it will be pretty to look at and also works great for on the go.

The happy planner classic undated is where I will do challenge and fun videos with as well as memory keep in it. This planner stays home.
The erin condren is to decorate nicely for videos on my yotube channel which is fun and pretty and will be doing plan as I go videos on there so I can show every part of the process I do in planning for our day to day. This planner also stays home. 

My bullet journal will be my travel companion becausw I jot lists, to dos, events, doodles and everything in that gem. I will forever be devoted to my bullet journal! I feel like I donot need to be all prettt with stickers and taking my time with it since I have the eclp and hp to guide me in the monthly and weekly department. BUT the bullet journal is my everything, my life in one place. The gaming logs, shows, memories, and so much more is in here that I cannot part with this system. 

How many system do I really need? Simply put, I need them all. Planning has been my outlet and it also has helped me a lot on seeing everything I do and we do as a family. 
Whats your go to planning system? 

Changes To My Channel

With the new year finally here, I sat and re-evaluated my youtube channel. The changes may or may not stay depending on how the views pan out on them. Here goes nothing!

I will be posting 5x a week. Instead of plan with me videos, I will change those to plan as I go. The reason for this change is because I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing an Erin Condren planner. This is beyond exciting for me! I am so ecstatic to finally be able to get my hands on one after debating for a month if I should.

My happy planner will now be a memory planner to journal in and stick my memories into.

The bullet journal is still a key feature into my planning style that I will continue to do plan with me and flip threw of. I also bought the new b journal from Teresa Collins which will be put to use once I am done with my markings notebook which I LOVE!

I will vlog occasionally but that might change because I am now considering doing a just strickly vlog channel.

I will continue to do the ipsy bag unbaggings and hauls. You definitely will continue to see all my crafts and diy projects I do in the home and happy mail videos from swaps or pen pals.

You will no longer see get ready with me videos on my channel. I decided that even though I love makeup, I just feel too insecure still about how I do my makeup.

I hope these new changes come with a new array of subscribers and views. The many changes in my life and also me personally as a person have just caused me to re-evaluate the direction to my channel.