Day 2 & 3 of #the100dayproject 


The last coversation 

The long silences

The grim goodbye 

Waiting to see

He listened



To waste time

Quiet and watchful

Talked instead of listening



I see you 

It was exile


The master 

Held a potrait

A crucifix

The bay window

Offered a view of

The port

The window 

A message




Go follow @elleluna on instagram. She created this movement and I am joining so I can get more creative with what I do. 

I choose the black out poetry project because I tend to abandon things after a few days and sharing it on here will force me to blog! I am just a big ball of procrastination and forgetfullness. 

Here is the last black out poetry I worked on today and I will remind myself to only do one a day to pace myself and also not feel as overwhelmed so if I miss a day, I can easily catch up. 




Entry and exit

No hurry

He listened

Take care

Hope you all gained a little inspiration and let me know of you will join me in this creatove endeavor. 

Stay blessed, Vanessa.