Go follow @elleluna on instagram. She created this movement and I am joining so I can get more creative with what I do. 

I choose the black out poetry project because I tend to abandon things after a few days and sharing it on here will force me to blog! I am just a big ball of procrastination and forgetfullness. 

Here is the last black out poetry I worked on today and I will remind myself to only do one a day to pace myself and also not feel as overwhelmed so if I miss a day, I can easily catch up. 




Entry and exit

No hurry

He listened

Take care

Hope you all gained a little inspiration and let me know of you will join me in this creatove endeavor. 

Stay blessed, Vanessa. 


10 songs that played on shuffle. . . 

I decided to do a random and fun post that has to do with what I listen to because the music you listen to says a lot about you.  
I use the app Spotify and I prefer that app over any others that I have ever came across of.  

Have fun and try going to all your songs and hit shuffle. Did you enjoy it? 

Here are my ten songs that appeared:

  1. Throw my mess by band of horses
  2. 27 hours by banks 
  3. Let me hold you by chest codes
  4. Verbatim by blackbear
  5. Tell me by pj and Jevon dee
  6. Moments by tove lo
  7. Sober up by Joe budden
  8. Counterfeit by Jordan fisher
  9. Cierra Los Ojos by zionn and lennox
  10. Mercy by Shawn mendes

As you can see my taste varies.  I am not prejudice when it comes to music.  

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Stay blessed.