My November and photos

It’s the last day of November and as the rain continues to pour down,  I am nestled in bed trying to relax and get this mild flare up under control. 

Eva is loving the fall leaves that we piled up for her to play and jump in.  

My favorite purchase of November is the Kathleen lights x morphe palette.  😊

Had a much needed girls day with my BFF.  

Kay enjoyed a few Park days due to how warm it’s been. 

Me and hubby revamped our hair which was much needed on both our ends and let me tell u it feels great to finally have my pixie in order. 

I am so beyond glad that stores now have way more penguin items in Stock because my obsession is real.  

I’m still reading ever so slowly the wedding.  Don’t worry I’ll finish it hopefully soon,  I’ve just been on a reading blogs addiction instead.  

Other than that,  I’ve had a sudden kick of enthusiasm to blog,  vlog and start my ebook. So even though I am barely reading,  I am managing to be way more productive with my time.  

I look forward to sharing more of my memories  with  you  all on  here and on my youtube. 

What’s your favorite memory of November? 

Stay blessed.