Our Halloween

No matter how much you plan, things never go as planned. When you have kids it’s like when do things go as planned?

We went to the Halloween store to get some last minute stuff for me and mister officer. Then I had to go to Michael’s to get some paper for an order made. I really got distracted and to top it off the line was long!

So afterwards we planned to just get a quick dinner at McDonald’s but they were severely under staffed so we waited for about 45 minutes. By the time 5:15 pm rolled around I knew we were doomed!

Lily had to get dropped off at her best friends house and Kay was severely constipated to the point she was in agony and tears. So me and him couldn’t get ready nor could we even give out candy or take the boys trick or treating. Our neighborhood sets up a yearly Halloween sort of parade where they line up and all trick or treat together.  This year they had started at 5 pm so we pretty much missed it all.

Kay was all better by 8 ish. By that time the boys were done and I’m so glad my niece came and was able to go with them around as me and mister officer dealt with our sick little one.

See how life throws you curve balls without expected. And even though I felt like the night wasn’t what I wanted or how we had planned I’m just glad that when Kay did feel better, she enjoyed her Halloween and loved her bumble bee outfit.


I was still able to pull off my creepy doll look that I had spent the night before looking up how to do this look.


Was I creepy enough?


My zombie officer and the creepy doll duo.

I wasn’t able to capture the others on my phone. But I am glad they had fun and can still wear their costumes to play.

Hopefully next Halloween we can actually all go around and have it not be so late or a disaster. But that’s life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hope you all had a happy halloween.