October bullet journal


I was using the field notes sized in my fauxdori to bullet journal. But September was not a kind month to me health wise so I decided to put my miquelrius journal, purchased at Barnes and nobles, to use. I was saving it to start in January but I was like eager to start in it as soon as I could and already on my first day, I have no regrets.


Above photo is my key system. The key system is essential to have when bullet journaling to know what is what. I will be using red, purple and black to color code and make certain things to stand out to me. I don’t want to color code each of the kids just yet but I hope to gravitate to color code more later on.

Below you will see the field notes layout I was using for September, which half and some pages remained empty, which drives me nuts! Who else dislikes blank pages?



I really did try my best to get it together and shake the flare ups off and cold but it just wasn’t a good month for my lupus.

I was searching the #bulletjournal on Instagram and visited a few blogs like tinyrayofsunshine’s and misszoot’s and I was like, “time to move it and use this journal asap vanessa!” I grabbed it after I settled my nerves coloring the October calender from misszoot’s blog and glued it onto a page. I haven’t yet numbered the pages or done my index in the back of the book but I’ll get there, for now I don’t find it necessary since I’ll be using tabs to find my away around my bujo.


At misszoot’s she also has the year 2016 monthly printable so I have saved that file to print later. Woohoo!


Inside the cover, since it is soft bound, I used a card stock cut down (I’ll add washi to the side because the space will irk me.) To make it more harder and not so flimsy, I did the same to the back but with a different pattern paper.

Then I started my collections, this is my first time doing a collections so I’m very eager to see how it is for me in my bullet journal. I’ll be doing one every month and sometimes different ones, depending on the month and what I would like to record and track. If youre wondering what collections are, collections are just a list of things like books read, movies watched, projects completed, blog ideas and so forth.



These are my collections above. I made sure to draw in pencil, just incase I messed up.

Now after I did my collections,  I was ready to do my monthly and daily. I didn’t do a weekly since I’ll still be using my happy planner for the family planner and just one that’s always out on my divider.


Above photo is my happy planner layout decorated for the week.

So as you can see I’ll be using two planner systems and it’s okay! I just like to be able to record the little things over just only planning and that’s how and why I continue to use the bullet journal. It was the first system I discovered back in January 2015, that I’ve stuck to and I’m content with having both the bullet journal and the happy planner.


The photo above is the October process after the collections since this month starts on a Thursday, I didn’t want to do a fancy weekly layout and like I stated, don’t need it so I just did the same October bullet journal layout written out. I’ll be writing down a line of the highlight of the day or things that are important etc.

I hope that I’ll enjoy this journal and will be doing a YouTube video once I’ve spent two weeks in it. I’ll even show the process of how I do my dailies every morning before my day gets started. Hopefully, October is a better month where I can record more and do more to have better memories for myself and my children to look back to as they get older. With my memory being so bad, I know I’ll appreciate this effort I make every day for them.

If you would like to learn more about the bullet journal system visit http://www.tinyrayofsunshine.blogspot.com I feel like her blog is hands down the most helpful for beginners.

Stay blessed everyone,


Opening up (sensitive post)

It’s sometimes extremely difficult to sit here and try to blog about things that go on in my household or mind but I know that people are either curious or wonder how I manage it all. Opening up to the world has been such a process from within and I am glad to be able to share a piece of myself and family life.

I want to speak about how every bad experience I turned it into a positive or learning road for myself. Also, all the traumatic things that have gone with myself have helped me know what I need to do as a parent for my four, which is always my main priority.

When I was 7 years old, till I was about 9/10 I was molested and rapped by my half brother. He was removed from the home instantly because he confessed and wanted to not harm me anymore. I’m glad he did that for me. Even though he crushed my childhood and innocense, I’m glad he spoke up because I wouldn’t have because my parents were your typical Spanish, closed door abusive home.

I remember the day my dad questioned me… He brought me some sugar donuts and sat me at the table and I could see he had been crying. From that day on sugar donuts would forever me my favorite because it helped to release the blackness. It gave me comfort when no one else bothered to hug me or be there for me.

My older brother Tony always protected me as best he could. When the monster couldn’t get to me, Tony would be the one to get physically abused because he would fight for me. Tony was and will forever be my guardian angel and even though we are both super emotionally damaged, we will always understand and have a secret bond to one another.

I only remember certain parts of the abuse the monster did to me. (I call him the monster because he isn’t human to me and doesn’t deserve to be called by his name.) I was in an accident that caused a cyst to grow in my head and I had to go get operated and my dad had went with me. My dad  was ALWAYS the one there… I was and will always be daddy’s little girl.

A part of me is glad that I don’t remember all the terrible nights, the scary forcing to go to the “park” lies and the many nights my parents left us all alone in the hands of the monster. I am so glad that the nightmares stopped because it took so many years and it rarely comes back to me now unless I mention it or when I see his photo and suddenly I get angry and feel sick.

I can’t control why others choose to forgive and associate with the monster , I had once tried to communicate with him and see if I could grant him forgiveness and instead it made me bitter and more depressed and wanting to self mutilate again because everything would rush back to me. That’s such a terrible feeling! So no, I don’t communicate at all with him and will not do that again for my safety and my kids safety.

I promised my daughters and my sons They will always be protected. They will know that they can always come to me and tell me anything! I am glad that they do everyday tell me every bit of details of their lives because if they can’t open up and talk to me about everything then that’s when hidding becomes dangerous especially in growing children. I wished I had that relationship where I could tell my parents anything at that age, but now we have such an amazing relationship that I know they finally broke the cycle they had from their own upbringing.

I refuse to let the bad damage me in a way that I can’t function as a normal human being. I know that some days are harde with certain sensitive things that have happened to me but all I do is give my babies a hug and a kiss and ask tell them I love them because I never got that growing up.

Hope this post wasn’t too dark, I really tried to minimize the details and didn’t want to go to that part of my life story. I also hope that you all learn that to always have an open communication with your child and look for signs of withdrawal and secrecy.

Pray for me tonight…

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Mommy life 

Being a mommy of four is hard and never hardly easy whatsoever. Others think just because I’m a stay-at-home mom that I have it super easy but I really don’t.

Everyday is a struggle to get up out of bed and think here’s another day of dealing with pains on top of getting the kids out the door on time for school, playing with Kay and making sure she doesn’t break a bone with all the climbing and craziness she does.

With Branden’s autism, it gets harder as he gets older because I know he will forever be in my care and that is my daily fear as he gets older. I know Ethan and lily will be there for him, but I know they will have their own lives to worry about and live so my duty is to always make sure Branden is taken care of.

I plan meals weekly to make my job a bit easier. I find meal planning to be fun and a way that I can strategize the week even though sometimes with lupus it can throw me off but knowing that I can do crock pot meals, makes life a lot easier.

Mommy life is all about planning, organizing and making sure everyone and everything runs smoothly. So my planners come in handy now more than ever and I’m loving it.

What helps you in your mommy life?

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