Day 2 & 3 of #the100dayproject 


The last coversation 

The long silences

The grim goodbye 

Waiting to see

He listened



To waste time

Quiet and watchful

Talked instead of listening



I see you 

It was exile


The master 

Held a potrait

A crucifix

The bay window

Offered a view of

The port

The window 

A message





Go follow @elleluna on instagram. She created this movement and I am joining so I can get more creative with what I do. 

I choose the black out poetry project because I tend to abandon things after a few days and sharing it on here will force me to blog! I am just a big ball of procrastination and forgetfullness. 

Here is the last black out poetry I worked on today and I will remind myself to only do one a day to pace myself and also not feel as overwhelmed so if I miss a day, I can easily catch up. 




Entry and exit

No hurry

He listened

Take care

Hope you all gained a little inspiration and let me know of you will join me in this creatove endeavor. 

Stay blessed, Vanessa. 

Journey into black out poetry

As I was surfing threw the vast creative world that is youtube, i learned about black out poetry. 

I have seen many photos via tumblr and wondered what it was and now I can say that I really enjoy this process especially on days that i simply can not place words together. 

This creative outlet is unlike anything I have come across of and actually feels soothing, its the best way I can describe it to be for me anyways. 

Here is the first one I managed to create. 

I placed washi tape on the corners of the pages I did create. Since this book is a thriller, it will be interesting to see all the finished poems. 

Here’s the cover of the book: 

I will revamp the cover to suit me better and the poems I end up creating from it. 

If you would like to see more photos of the poetry I wind up creating, please visit my tumblr

Stay blessed. 



After much thought into this all week, I have decided to finally put all my poetry into a collections for an ebook. This collection is being thoughtfully processed at the moment and I am so eager to finally be determined to put my first collection into an actual book where all can purchase and enjoy.

There’s so many lovers of poetry out there that I needed to share my words.

I tend to keep most of my poetry to myself but I think it is time to get out of my shell and spread my words to the world to read.

I know I am putting myself out there to be judged as a writer but I am not scared any more.

I am determined to make this happen as soon as I can.

So for those of you that are eager to see what I have created please use this form to be notified of the release of the ebook.

Thank you all for the support on my blog and my youtube channel.

Those who decide to be in my patreon that are in a higher tier of supporters will receive the ebook FREE for being a true supporter of everything that is four x blessed.

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Stay blessed.