Wrap up of Dewey’s readathon

24 hours of reading is completed! Even with all the interruptions of life I still managed to read 789 pages off four books. Feeling beyond accomplished even though I didn’t think it was going to be possible.

In the first half, I managed to complete Purple Orchids and The Neon Lawyer. The neon lawyer wasnt something I was very much interested in, it dragged a lot and the plot was a bit typical. It isn’t a recommended read but if you do manage to snag it for free with the audio then go for it. 

Purple Orchids had so many steamy scenes and it kept me very much interested because just when you thought you had it figured out, something else would happen and throw you for a crazy loop.  Can you believe it was a romance novel? Yup, my reading a romance novel is beyond rare, like finding a four leaf clover. 

Now as the readathon was winding down, I did snag in about  3 hours of sleep that I needed oh so badly. I did wake up and began to read Good as Gone by Amy Gentry which started off really good and I am hoping to continue reading it. Who doesn’t like a good kidnapping, survival, thriller book? 

Then, I began listening to The Color Of Secrets which is a world war 2 novel and anything based in that era always gets my attention so that one I managed to read close to half of it.  

Out of all the books I read during the readathon Purple Orchids was my favorite. I am shocked that I enjoyed a romance novel because I tend to steer clear of those but it was nice to step out of my comfort zone which is what I had intended to do for this readathon. 

I am so excited for the next one in October and even joined another group that holds monthly readathons! I think I have rediscovered my inner bookworm. 

Which book did you enjoy reading during the readathon? If you didn’t participate,  will you consider joining the dewey’s 24 hour readathon in october? 

Stay blessed! 


Book review: the strain book 1


If you haven’t heard of the strain, well now you have. If you like vampire stories then this one is one you need to read. I was never one to be into these kind of books but after watching the first season of the strain on FX (the series is based off the book), I had to read the book because the book is always more interesting and more detailed.

The main character is dr. Ephraim goodweather and basically has a major role and  you will read a lot of his personal life in the midst of the craziness of the vampires.  He’s smart and yet you can tell he’s caring. I really enjoyed his character the most.

I also enjoyed the elderly man, whom is a teacher of sorts to the crew they end up creating. Setrakian is gutsy and basically wants them all to get them to do what needs to be done. I don’t want to go too much in details without ruining the story line and plot.

Out of five stars I give it 4.5. Reason being that it had a few dull moments but it’s expected in every book and then it picks up and takes you for a whirl wind ride that I was excited about and couldn’t put the book down. I’m glad that it has several parts because the way it ended left me yearning for more.

Do I recommend this book? My answer is clear, yes! Like I had said before, I was never into vampire books or horror type books but this one was great to get me into them. Lets be serious, any book based in New York City always catches my attention being that I am from NYC. I have no regrets in starting this series and hope I still feel the same after the second and the third. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed when I read the rest of the trilogy but this book didn’t disappoint me at all so I am determined to start the second part as soon as possible.

That’s all for my review, let me know if you end up reading it and if you agree with my keen interest with these two characters. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

God bless, Vanessa.

Book Review: silence 

Silence by Natasha Preston is a good read. It’s based in England and even though you kinda felt that would be the kind of story it was, you just have to continue reading it. I sometimes felt like it was a lifetime movie kind of book of i had to explain the “feel” of it. 

I liked it and enjoyed it even tho it’s more of a teenager book but then again what age set is any book really? So yeah, even though it’s about a teenaged girl named Oakley who doesn’t speak, her story tugged at my heart so much. The things she had to endure from such a young age really hit home for me…

If you would like to read the book it is free on iBooks! Yup, free!! So if you have some time on your hands be sure to download this book and tell me what you think of it as well. 

I give it a four out of five simply because of how It kind of ended and left you wondering so much & I did shed a few tears at the end. I guess I’ll have to purchase part 2 broken silence to see how Oakley’s story ends and if she will get a happy ending… 


Book Review- Dark places by Gillian Flynn 

I have an audible subscription because I love to listen to stories while I craft and it also helps a lot! Sometimes life gets to hectic to read a book but audible always saves the day. 

I finally finished the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It’s a story about a murdered family and the only survivor is the daughter and as she grows up she uncovers the truth behind the slaughter of her family. Her brother was accused of committing the murders. But as the story continues you realize that there was no possible way he could have done it! 

It’s a great read/listen. I myself enjoyed every bit of it and loved how it ended. It diffenitely didn’t turn out how I thought and it was just very interesting to say the lease. I don’t want to give out too much details in case you decided to pick the book up yourself so if you do trust me when I say I give it a five stars out of five stars!  Very much worth it.

The author has the same tone in all her books, I’ve read gone girl so I figured out her tone and pretty much liked it and it’s hard for me to like a different author because I’ve always been a James Patterson fan since I discovered his books in the 7th grade. But it’s enjoyable and you kind of get the same vibe off all her books so I will grab another one of hers for sure! 

Thanks for checking out my short book review.  

Will you pick this book up to read? Will you put it in your summer read?